Dr. Pratap chandra Mandal

Dr. Pratap chandra Mandal

Dear Researchers and Academicians,

We are honored to announce the publication of the first issue of the International Journal of Research in Management and Business (IJRMB). We wish to express our gratitude to the researchers for their valuable submissions and to the ones who showed their interest for our journal. The submitted articles have been carefully reviewed by a professional team consisting of the Editor-in-Chief and the members of the International Editorial Board.

 International Journal of Research in Management and Business (IJRMB) is an international online journal, which will publish research papers and case studies as well as research reports with four issues each year, addressed both to professional’s, researchers, academics, and students who wish to complete and develop the knowledge in the area of business, economics and management.

 The journal will focus on the latest trends and developments in the fields of management and business. The contributions will be multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and will have practical applications in the real world. The journal will encourage theoretical analysis, empirical studies – both in qualitative and quantitative domains, case studies, and critical reviews of existing management theories, principles, and practices. The broad areas would include finance, production and operations management, human resources, organizational behavior, marketing, information systems, general management, economics, business ethics and corporate governance, legal and regulatory aspects of business, international business, and any other aspects related to management and business.

 The next issues will continue to focus on original studies, resulted from an extensive research, both theoretical and practical, which will cover the main domains from the topics of the journal. We are grateful to all the contributors who worked hard for the publication of this journal.

 Best Regards,

Dr. Pratap chandra Mandal


International Journal of Research in Management and Business (IJRMB)

Associate Professor (Marketing),

VIT Business School,

VIT University,
Tamil Nadu, India


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